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Welcome on my little homepage. This page contains some info about the Toyota Celica Turbo - ST185 - 3S-GTE.
It ain't much info, but maybe you find something of use.

Please remember: I am NO mechanic. So if you use anything of this page, it is your own choice.

New: I am trying to keep up an diary about the Celica, check this out,


01. K&N intake FIPK, with heat shield 02-02-2002
02. Head job: tri angle valve job, ported, balanced valves, removed squish areas, cc-ed head and combustion chamber. 25-02-2002
03. HKS 264 cams, with AEM cam gears. Updated 25-05-2005 02-02-2002
04. 1.4 Mm TTE metal head gasket. 02-02-2002
05. ARP Head stud kit. 27-02-2002
06. Ported intake, T-Vis and exhaust manifolds. 09-02-2002
07. Engle valve springs 361 Inner.
08. CT26 upgrade with T04E compressor wheel
09. 3" downpipe, 3" connection pipe with free flow muffler, 3" resonator and 2.5" end muffler.
10. New 550 cc/min injectors, replaced banjo's from fuel filter to rail with fittings
11. Bosch fuel pump 10-12-2003
12. Malpassi adjustable fuel pressure regulator
13. ST205 pistons, = lower cr., balanced rods
14. Autronic, programmable engine management 25-01-2006
15. HKS EVC4 electronic boost controller
16. ERL water injection MF2, with 0.7 mm nozzle 25-01-2006
17. KnockLink, device to detect knock through entire rpm range. 10-12-2003
18. DIS. Distributorless Ignition System. Bosch twin coil, and custom plugwires. 29-09-2004
19. Intercooler fan, switchable.
20. E154F gearbox (=ST205)
21. 19 Row, thermostat, oil cooler in the nose (Mocal), instead of the stock water cooled oil cooler.
22. Whiteline camber bolts, and adjustable rear swaybar
23. Slotted rotors, with KVR brake pads and stainless steel brake lines
24. Radar detector = removed temporarely.......
25. Omori 45 mm gauge set, oil- and water temp, oil- and fuel pressure, water pressure ERL water injection. 27-02-2002
26. ATP Instruments temperature loggers, intake temp before and after intercooler, and exhaust gas temperature. 09-08-2002
27. Ron Davis Racing, tripple pass radiator, with TRD 1.3 bar rad cap. 12-12-2003
28. Replaced the stock fan, for an better puller fan, an added an (second) pusher fan.
29. TRD 71C Thermostat. 12-12-2003
29. Coil Over Plugs. 28-02-2008

Here you can find the ECU pin out for the european version of the ST185 air/air, NOT the Carlos Sainz. 26-06-2002

Latest updates:
28-02-2011 Updated Coil Over Plugs
2006 several updates
20-04-2005 Updated various pages, mostly the diary
12-12-2003 Updated various pages, like 17, 27, 29
09-08-2002 Updated various pages, like 01, 02, 24
26-06-2002 ST185 european spec ECU pin out
25-06-2002 Autronic wiring diagrams
27-02-2002 The table above....
27-02-2001 The Celica as an wedding car
02-02-2001 Add more Celica info
02-01-2001 Links
02-01-2001 Headache :((
09-10-2000 Balanced injectors and CT26 upgrade
23-08-2000 Celica models
16-08-2000 Celi uuuh .... Subaru meets fast turbo powered BMW
21-07-2000 Add more Celica info
28-06-2000 Add pics of the kids in the GT4
15-05-2000 Celica models
06-05-2000 G-Force ECU upgrade
17-02-2000 Links
25-10-1999 Water Injection dyno sheets
22-09-1999 Zener diode
20-09-1999 Celica model codes
14-09-1999 The relation between pressure and power.
21-08-1999 Celi meets Paul Rennison
05-07-1999 Accelerations
18-06-1999 Heat shield air filter
14-06-1999 Tuning 3S-GTE