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blauw Updated 02-01-2001

Due to the lotst of info available on the web, I don't update this regularly (me lazy, you know). If you want to know something, just mail me and I will try to help you (really).

Important: try this link, it's from my Dutch friend Arnout, with his 600 hp Supra: Arnout's 600 hp Supra (soon)

Celica Turbo 4 WD Linkz:

Jose's ST 165 Celica All-Trac Performance Website.
Richard Doig's page with lots of technical stuff + GT 4 comparisation = nice,  Richard Doig's ST 165.
Perry's ST 165, one of the fastest Celica's on earth.
The ST 165 from Marco Guerra.
Matt Yates ST 165.
Homepage from Robert Pina's ST 165, with nice downpipe pic.
Dennis Heath's homepage, with almost everything for the Toyota Celica ST 185   ST 185 Page.
Adrian's red ST 185 page.
The ST 185 Grp A from Ivan AKA SAFFO.
Albert Bult, our electrical guru, with an black ST 185.
The ST 185 from Chris O'Rourke, also one of the fastest Celica's on earth.
ST 185 homepage from Tarik.
Roadrunners homepage  Nice stuff about Toyota's.
Alan's ST 185 homepage from New Zealand.
And here we have Paul Rennison's homepage, with pics from his early days :-))
David Banes red ST 185 Grp A.


UK company, making water injection systems.  ERL Aquamist.
Rallycars  Everything about rallycars.
Stephen Gunter's site, with lots of Toyota stuff.   Stephen Gunter's web site.
Pirelli  Pirelli site, with nice calendar.
All fast Japanese cars, not sold in Holland.  Japan Sports Car.
Turbotechnics  UK Company for upgrading your turbo.
List with FAQ for GT 4, run by Paul Rennison.  GT 4 FAQ.
Shannon Rafferty's D-Base  Shannon Rafferty's page with GT Four Database.
American company specialised in upgrading Japanese ECU's:  G-Force.

blauw Car-clubs.

TCCN  Toyota Celica Club Nederland.
Street Legal R - tunings club (only in Dutch)  Street Legal R
MR 2  Toyota MR 2 Club Nederland.
Site about the Supra twin turbo.  Toyota Supra twin turbo site
Subaru 555  Nederlandse Subaru Turbo club.
International Toyota MR 2 Club.  IMOC
Stingray '82  Club for Corvettes en Firebirds en Camaro's.
Another Corvette club.  Dutch Heartbeat Corvette Club
CRX  Honda CRX Club Holland.
Toyota Celica Club Nederland (only in Dutch).  TCCN

rood Computer stuff.

Tucows  Tons of software.
Also tons of software.  Filez
Freethemes  Screensavers and desktop themes, etc...

rood Nice linkz.

Autovisie  Car magazine (only in Dutch).
Dutch Internet magazine (only in Dutch).  PCM
Turbomagazine  UK car magazine with lots of nice tuning links.
Dutch site about games with cheats, etc...  Gamesweb
Html op het net  Html education of Bas Jansen (only in Dutch).
Site about games with cheats, etc...  Gamespot
Computer NL.  Info about processoren etc...(only in Dutch)
Internet newsletter, nice reading (only in Dutch).   Smallzine
Symantec  Virus info, up to date.
Learn how to hack serial numbers.   Crackstore
Redneck  Lots of serialnumbers.
Search for the newest cracks   AstaLaVista Search

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