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On my desk I have an Bosch twin coil. This coil is originally installed in an peugeot 106.

Here some pics, together with the original wiring from the Peugeot:
Bosch coil

The original distributor is needed for the signals to the Autronic, but the rotor is going to be removed.
I ordered an Autronic CDI 500R, for an powerfull spark, now I have to find me some time to install this combo...:)

Info about the CDI, on Autronic's website: Autronic.

The CDI is in the car now.
The stock sparkplug wires are modified by me, otherwise they do not fit the Bosch coil. I removed the connectorplug which is normally attached at the distributor cap, and I installed the Bremi VW plugs.
These Bremi plugs can be ordered seperately. Part nr is: Bremi V1 10206 VW1
There are people out there who are telling that Toyata sparkplug wires cannot be modified... but don't listen to them. It can, I have done it, and it works fine.

Made some new wiring diagrams too.

At the moment the tacho is not working. Ray Hall did sent me an schematic off how to make an tacho adapter. As soon as this one works, I will put this online.

This is the working tacho adapter drawing. It is nowhere for sale, so you have to make your own.

Finished making the tacho adapter. Made a new schematic too.

Pic of the "masterwork":

Finally got everything working. The tacho adapter does work, but is not needed, if you remove the 43K Ohm resistor mounted in the tacho. Without the resistor, the tacho is capable of handling with the tacho output coming from the Autronic CDI.
I made al little "bridge", so that I could disable the mod, in case it did not work.

Procedure of removing tacho resistor

As you can see, you have to remove the entire combination meter, and remove the tacho to make the mod.
Where the red pointer is, that is the resistor, that needs to be removed
Click on the picture to see a better pic.
I did not remove the resistor, but I made a little "bridge". The bridge can easily be disabled, in case it did not work.
Here is a pic for those who want to see the distributor mod in real. Dennis Heath is having a great write up on his site, that should do (it did for me...), but now you can see, that the 24 tooth are 4 tooth now.
You can easily disassemble the distributor, to modify the tooth.
Here you have Richard Doig's write up how to disassemble the distributor.