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The heat design for the 3S-GTE is not designed for lang and hard runs, so I decided to install a better radiator, with cap, and an colder thermostat.
Because the stock radiator wasn't doing her job as supposed too, I decided to find me a better rad. On Chris O'Rourke's site I saw an very nice Ron Davis Radiator.
Contacted Ron Davis, and he mailed me that if I could deliver the invoice number from Chris, they could copy the radiator for me. So I asked friendly to Chris if he could help me, and he did, thumbs up... :)

The number of my invoice is: 03787
Date: Aug 14, 2003

So I ordered the tripple pass alu radiator at Ron Davis Racing. Like I said, bought the radiator with the help from Chris M. O'Rourke (again.... he also helped me with the Engle inner valve springs), info about this radiator is on his site: Custom alu rad.

Install was pretty easy. There are some extra water nippels that I plugged. Installed the fans, and ready.
The rad cap I received from Arnout, did not fit my stock Celica rad, but it did to the Ron Davis radiator.

The rad caps.
The left one is from the stock Celica radiator, and the right one is the one I received from Arnout. Actually this one is for the Supra, but it fits the Ron Davis Rad too.