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Toyota claims they produced about 26,500 ST165's.
These were build from October 1986 till September1989.
But because number 8,400 is made in September 1988, it's questionable if Toyota made 16,000 ST165 in the last production year.
Toyota produced about 26,000 ST185's, including 5,000 RC/CS/Grp A versions.
First one in September 1989 and the laste one in August 1993.
How much Toyota build of the ST205 I don't know, but all the 20# series Celica production ended in May 1999.

The first 2,500 ST205's are specials, known as, WRC or Grp A, can be recognized for the enthousiasts under us by:

- Blow Off Valve in exhaust header.
- Watersprayers befor intercooler radiator.
- Anti-lag system (not activated, and very difficult to activate too).

About the ST185:

From September 1989 till September 1990 they build 10,000.
From October 1990 till August 1991 they build 5,000.
From September 1991 till December 1992 they build 7,000 (included the 5,000 RC/CS/Grp A versions).
From Januar 1993 till August 1993 they build 3,000 ST 185?

The face-lifted model of the ST185 was in August 1991 and is starting with number # 15,446. This face-lifted model can be recognized by different rear light units, and the Toyota eclips sign on the hood, in stead of the Toyota name. The facelifted ST185 does share a lot of the newer and better components with the ST185 Carlos Sainz versions! (true!!!)
Based on calendar year, the ST185 production no. are around:

Prod. year-dateProduction number

The ST185 RC/CS/Grp A version is an limited production of 5,000 cars.
These were build from August 1991 till Februar 1992, with numbers 15,000 - 22,000.
The mark RC is for: Rally Championship, CS is for: Carlos Sainz, Grp A is for: Group A car.
These cars are having their own special produktion number and can be recognized by:

- Different front bumper en hood.
- Water cooled intercooler with watersprayers (somewhere hidden), in stead of the air cooled intercooler.
- Other (internal) gearbox (E151F).
- ECU with fuel- and ignitionmaps till 1.1 bar in stead of 0.83 bar.
Where are the ST185 GT-Fours?
Japan consumed about 40% of all ST185 produced.

The approximate numbers of distribution all around the world are:
North America2,500
Australia, New Zealand2,500
Other regions1,000
Other regions are Caribbeans, South America, Africa, Middle East, and Asian countries.

Today the numbers in Japan are less, and might be more in UK and NZ due to Direct Japanese Import.

There were 1848 sold new in the UK, included 440 Carlos Sainz models.

US Sales

The European frame number is like

Example: JT164STJ500011155
J = Japan
T = Toyota
1 = European passenger car, 2 = US passenger car, 5 = US conversion car (GT Convertible), 7 = Asia Pacific passenger car.
6 = Liftback (Body style)
4 = 3 doors
S = 3S-GTE (= engine type)
T = Celica
J = 180 Series
5 = Turbo 4WD/GT Four
2 x 0 = ???
The last 7 digits are production number.

US models:
1988 ST165 All-trac: JT2ST68M_JO______
1993 ST185 All-trac: JT2ST88P_PO______
1994 ST204 GT Liftback: JT2ST07N_RO______
1997 ST204 GT Liftback: JT2DG02T_VO______

Since 1996 all vehicles sold everywhere in the world (ex. Japan) must have 17 digits VIN, generally as follows (example for US spec. 2000 Celica GT-S ZZT231) is JTDDY38T_YO0_____.
J= Country of origin (Japan)
T= Manufacturer (Toyota)
D= Vehicle classification or designation (varies)
D= Body style (Liftback)
Y= Engine type (2ZZ-GE)
3= Generation (230 series)
8= Safety features (varies): 2= front airbags, 8= front & side airbags
T= Model name (Celica)
_= Internal check digit (varies)
Y= Model year (2000)
O= Manufacturing plant (Tahara)
The last 6 digits are production number
There are ST185 with rear Torsen differential and versions with LSD = Limited Slip Differential.

E151F-767 = 5 speed manual with rear Torsen differential.
-737/E150F = 5 speed manual with viscous coupling LSD.
There are 12 colours for Celica 18# series:

- White (040)
- Super red (3E5)
- Black (202)
- Silver Metallic (181)
- Grey Metallic (182)
- Greenish yellow, Japanese market only in 1992 - 1993 (569)
- Teal Metallic, 1992 - 1993 (749)
- Beige Metallic, just for US in 1992 (4J1)
- Turqoise Pearl, just for 1993 (746)
- Burgundy Red Pearl Metallic (3H4)
- Medium Blue Pearl (8G7)
- Blackish Khaki Metallic (6K8)
Trim for Celica 18# series:
Grey Fabric (FQ10)
Blue Fabric (FQ80)
Burgundy Fabric
Blue Leather (LH80)
Grey Leather (LH10)
There are 5 colours for Celica ST165:

Super Red
Grey Metallic
Dark Blue Metallic
There are 9 colours for Celica ST185:

White (040)
Black (202)
Super Red (3E5)
Grey Metallic (1990-1993) (182)
Medium Blue Pearl (8G7)
Burgundy Red Pearl (1990-1991) (3H4)
Silver Metallic (1991) (181)
Teal Metallic (1992-1993) (749)
Blackish Khaki Metallic (6K8)
There are 5 colours for Celica ST185 Carlos Sainz:

White (040)
Black (202)
Super Red (3E5)
Grey Metallic (1990-1993) (182)
Turquoise Metallic.
There are 10 colours for Celica ST205:

Silver Metallic (1994-1999)
Storm Blue (1994-1995)
Turquoise Metallic
Dark Bluish Grey Metallic (1996-1997)
Blue Mica Metallic
Light Green Mica Metallic (1998-1999)
Alle Celica's are build in Tahara Manufacturing Plant, Japan
The real rally cars are build by Toyota Team Europe in Germany.

Celica model codes:
Example: ST185 L - BLMVZG
ST185 = type car AT180 = 4A-FE engine = 1.6 L
ST182 = 3S-GE engine = 2.0 L. with 156 PS.
ST183 = 3S-FE engine= 2.0 L. with 140 PS. or 3S-GE,
                4 wheel steering, Japanese market only
ST184 = 5S-FE engine = 2.2 L., US and Astralia
ST185 = 3S-GTE engine = 2.0 L., turbo + 4WD
ST20# = type car AT200: 2ws, 7A-FE = 1.8 L. Export (ST), UK (ST, SR).
ST202: 2ws, 3S-FE or 3S-GE. Jap (SS-I, SS-II, SS-III),
             export (GT, Convertible).
ST203: 4 wheel steering, 3S-FE. Jap market only (SS-I).
ST204: 2ws, 5S-FE. US (GT, GT Convertible), Canada
            (GT, GT-S), Aussie (SX, ZR), NZ (GS),
            other export (GT, GT Convertible).
ST205: 4wd, 3S-GTE. GT-Four, GT-Four WRC.
L = location steeringwheelL = Left hand drive
R = Right hand drive
B = model nameToyota Celica
L = body styleC = Coupe
L = Liftback.
K = Convertible
M = trannyM = 5 gear, manual
P = 4 gear, automatic
V = typeS = SR, ST-i, ST, SX
G = 2,0 GT-i 16, GT, ZR
V = Luxury model, Turbo 4WD, GT-R, GT-S wide body
Q = Turbo 4WD - Carlos Sainz, GT Four RC, 5,000 build
Z = Limited edition model: GT-R Active Sports, 300 build
Z = engine specificationK = DOHC + EFI (4A-FE, 3S-FE, 5S-FE, 1ZZ-FE)
       normal performance
F = DOHC + EFI (3S-GE, 2ZZ-GE) high performance
Z = DOHC + EFI + Turbo (3S-GTE)
G = country destinationW = Europa, ECE emission standard: 15-04
G = Europa, emission standard: like 23 or 25 ??
Overall ST185 codes:
Model codeProd. dateBody styleDestinationModel nameModel
ST185-BLMVZ8910-9108Liftback normal bodyJapanGT-Four, GT-Four V, GT-Four RallyV
ST185(H)-BLMVZ9008-9309Liftback wide bodyJapanGT-Four, GT-Four A, GT-Four RallyA
ST185(H)-BLMQZ9108-9202Liftback wide bodyJapanGT-Four RCRC
ST185R-BLMVZQ8910-9108Liftback wide bodyAust, NZ, AsiaTurbo 4WDA
ST185R-BLMQZQ9108-9202Liftback wide bodyAust, NZ, AsiaTurbo 4WD Group ARC
ST185L-BLMVZA8910-9308Liftback wide bodyUSATurbo All-tracA
ST185L-BLMVZK8910-9308Liftback wide bodyCanadaTurbo 4WDA
ST185R-BLMVZG8910-9108Liftback wide bodyUK, GeneralGT-Four, Turbo 4WDA
ST185L-BLMVZG 8910-9308Liftback wide bodyEurope, GeneralGT-Four, Turbo 4WDA
ST185R-BLMQZG9108-9202Liftback wide bodyUK, GeneralTurbo 4WD Carlos Sainz Ltd EdnRC
ST185L-BLMQZG9108-9202Liftback wide bodyEurope, GeneralTurbo 4WD Carlos Sainz Ltd EdnRC

ST185 Specifications:
Engine type3S-GTE Twincam 16 valve
TurboToyota CT26
Engine displacement1998 cc
Bore x Stroke (mm)86.0 x 86.0
Maximum power225 PS/ 6,000 rpm (Japan: V, A, Rally)
235 PS/ 6,000 rpm (Japan: RC)
200 Bhp/ 6,000 rpm (North America)
204 PS/ 6,000 rpm (Export: Air To Air intercooler)
208 PS/ 6,000 rpm (Export: Carlos Sainz)
Maximum torque31.0 kg.m/ 3,200 rpm (Japan: V, A, Rally)
31.0 kg.m/ 4,000 rpm (Japan: RC)
200 lb.ft/ 3,200 rpm (North America)
275 Nm/ 3,200 rpm (Export: Carlos Sainz)
Battery12 V 60 A

ST185 Dimensions:
Overall length (mm)4420 (normal body)
4420-4440 (wide body, Air To Air intercooler)
4410-4430 (wide body, Carlos Sainz / Grp A / RC
Overall width (mm)1690 (normal body)
1745 (wide body)
Overall height (mm)1285 (North America)
1300 (others)
Wheelbase (mm)2525
Front tread (mm)1465 (normal body)
1480 (wide body North America)
1475 (wide body, others)
Rear tread (mm)1430 (normal body)
1445 (wide body, North America)
1440 (wide body, others)
Weight (kg)1,360 - 1,520
Fuel tank68 liter/ 15.9 Imp gal/ 18 US gal.
Oil capacity4.3 liter/ 4.1 US qt.
Cooling system capacity6.5 liter/ 6.1 US qt.
Injector430 cc/ min.
ST185 Performance:
0-60 mph7.5 sec. (USA)
Top speed140 mph (USA)
0-100 km/h6.9 sec (Europe)
Top speed230 km/h (Europe)

About the GT4 gearboxes:

E50F1 86-87 Japan spec. ST165 (locking diff)
E50F2 (2 is usually dropped) all 87-89 ST165
E150F ST185, USA versions
E151F ST185, in Europe (at least, mine is having this one) and Australia.
E152F ST185 rally, (Japanese version).
E154F ST205

All ST165 - 185 - 205 Gearboxes are 5 speed manual
Final drive ratio3.9334.2853.9334.2854.285

According the EPC, the gearbox internals of the facelifted Celica (ST185, after no. 15446) are the same a the CS versions, but the transmission case is still listed as E150F??? Don't ask me why, I don't know.

There should be four Japanese ST185 gearboxes. The normal 4.285 89-91 gearbox, the Rally gearbox (E152F) with different ratios, the RC box (3.933) and I (RD) *believe* that after 91 the standard car also got the dual cone RC synchros.
Not sure on that.

Not sure on US or Aus cars, there is much confusion on final drive ratios.

Toyota also don't identify their gearboxes. Except for the E50F1, about the only way you can externally tell is the oil cooler. The ST165, ST185, ST185RC and ST205 all have different shape and position oil coolers.

Last detail:

ST165 : GT-Four / Turbo All-trac
ST185V: Normal body/GT-Four V, with air-to-air intercooler, 14" wheels, from 8909 to 9108
ST185A: Wide body/GT-Four A/Turbo All-trac/Turbo 4WD, with air-to-air intercooler, 15" wheels, from 8910 to 9308
ST185RC: Wide body/GT-Four RC/Carlos Sainz/Group A, with water intercooler, 15" wheels, from 9109 to 9202
There is also Japanese market only GT-Four Rally. It is based on the GT-Four V (8909-9108), or GT-Four A (9108-9308).
ST205: Regular spoiler GT-Four
ST205WRC: High spoiler WRC style GT-Four

The right production numbers are around (all models):

1971-1977 20 series: 1.2 millions
1978-1981 40 series: 900,000s
1982-1985 60 series: 700,000s
1986-1989 160 series: 500,000s
1990-1993 180 series: 350,000s
1994-1999 200 series: 200,000s
Approximately 3.9 million Celicas were build from 1971 to this time (1999).

With special thanks: J. Arvin Dharmawi and Richard Doig.

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