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Still no error 43. We wait and see.....

Finally I was able to make some sprint runs, and with the new log switch I can record the data, including time.
With a tire- and gearbox calculator, I can calculate real speed, at what rpm, so I can see how fast my car is right now.

Acceleration from 100 to 160 km/h took 8,2 seconds, that includes 0,8 seconds gearshift from third to fourth gear.
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h took 5,5 seconds.
Acceleration from 0 to 120 km/h took 8,7 seconds.
Acceleration from 0 tot 140 km/h took 11,1 seconds.
Acceleration from 0 tot 160 km/h took 15,0 seconds.

Injector duty cycle was max 14.401 Msec, at 7.200 rpm, that is 86.4%.
The engine runs on euro 95 fuel.
Boost was 1.0 bar max.
First gear was gently... :)

The first run went pretty good, so I thought the second run should go a little better, but unfortunately I pushed her through the clutch, so care should be taken next time.

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