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Due to the code 43 error "sync lost while engine running", I contacted Ray Hall. I tried everything, like moving the coil, or installing new wires from CDI to coil, and leading the wires through the other side of the car, but it did not work.
So, Ray asked me to sent the *.cal file, and a log file. After that he concluded that the reluctor interface could be faulty. So Ray shipped a new reluctor interface, and guess what.... the error is gone now. Needles to say I am happy now.

Did some minor mapping again, and made a pretty nice fuel map, I think.
We adjusted base fuel pressure to exact 3,5 bar, upgrading my 550 cc/min injectors to 594 cc/min.
This can be used for the VDash program available from Autronic to determine the theoretical horsepower. I do know this is not real horsepower, and probably pretty optimistic, but to give you an impression:
In the beginning, with a third gear run, I got;
Intake temp: 37,6C
Kpa: 210,6 ( = approx 1,1 bar boost)
Rpm: 6.739
A/F: 11,6
Injector open time: 14,66
Ignition angle: 16
HP: 330
Torque: 344 Nm.

With the last third gear run, I got;
Intake temp: 43,2C
Kpa: 217,2 ( = approx 1,2 bar boost)
Rpm: 6.808
A/F: 11,6
Injector open time: 15,07
Ignition angle: 14.5
HP: 344
Torque: 355 Nm.

Needles to say I am pretty satisfied now. BUT, like I said before, it probably is pretty optimistic. So, do not kontakt me with: Hey, that hp calculation sucks, because blablablablabla....
You can save the effort, I already do know that.

The only problem to tackle now is the boost creep. With WOT, boost is rising to 1.2 bar in third gear. Perhaps it is no problem for the engine, but for me it is. I want to handle boost myself, and I do not want the car to do that for me......

Installed an 0.8 mm ERL jet for the water injection. I think the 0.7 mm is too small. Perhaps this nozzle is capable of keeping inlet temps lower.

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