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Installed the HKS cams today. Do not think, this is an easy to do job. Sure it is not difficult, but it is very time consuming. Since the car is down now, we tried to fix some other problems too. There is an oil leak by the distributor shaft, so I modified a new one, without a damaged shaft...
The oil pipe going to the Mocal oil cooler is leaking oil badly too. The Omori water temperature sensor is broken, and I have already a new sensor laying around (for about a year now.... !), so the location of the new sensor is coming somewhere further away from the exhaust manifold.

Base fuel pressure is going to be set at exact 3.5 bar, making my Supra 550 cc injectors good for an aditional 594 cc/min.

A new Autronic map is prepared, based on this new cams and new fuel supply.

We adjusted the cams exact like the HKS sheet showed us. This means that intake cam gear is 1.75 retarded, and exhaust cam gear is 6.75 retarded.
That seems to be pretty much retarding, but bear in mind, that the head is skimmed three times!
I have no idea how this turns out.

Valve clearance off 5 valves was out of spec too. Luckily we could swap 2 shims, so only one shim to go.

Guess what??? Base fuel pressure was an exciting 4.5 bar........[eeeek], this explains the weird fuel map in my car? Anyway we adjusted fuel pressure to an steady 3.5 bar. I think it does no harm to the fuel system, since I drove around with 4.5 bar, and that for about three years....

Idle A/F is set at an steady 13.5 A/F, and base timing exact 10. To check base timing, we had to look from above the alternator. Since we calculated the exact zero point of the crank, I do know that for sure by now :)

Anyway, nothing special to say. Did a bit of autotuning, and parked the car in the garage. Of course I forgot my box with laptop stuff, like adapter, so I have to wait a while before I can continue with mapping, since the laptopbattery is empty now, and the box is 15 kms away, and I have lack of time. {sigh} Did about 30 minutes mapping and the car is having a great driveability, thanks to Autronic.
The good news is, that the engine is running fully normal, no hiccups, or hunting idle, looks and sounds absolute stock. Vacuum is good, both oil leaks are repaired, Omori watertemperature gauge is working normal, fuel pressure sender is working normal, etc, me happy :)

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