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Received my HKS 264 cams from Robert Pina. Good service. Cheap cams for me ... :)
Now I have to find me a set of JUN cam gears for a decent price.

Received an mail from Fensport that the TRD thermostat is not available yet. Probably half November...... sigh......

Saw an article on the Subaru BBS from somebody who installed the led's from the KnockLink in his instrumentcluster..... hmmm very nice.
So I removed my instrumentcluster, and drilled five little holes just between the speedo and the left instrument, with the three gauges. Tomorrow, I will remove the led's from the circuitboard of the KnockLink, and try to wire them into the cluster.

Finished the KnockLink led's into the dash. Pics can be found here:
Pic 1.
Pic 2.
Pic 3.
I do know that the led's are not exact inline. But in the instrumentcluster is no space left for additional gauges or led's...
Anyway, it works now, me happy. With special thanks to mister Klaas Bos (from the Van alles wat store = dutch).
More info about the KnockLink can be found here:
Link ElectroSystems Ltd.

Nights appear to be cold these days, so I noticed that the car started badly in the mornings. The battery did not have enough power to crank the engine. So a new battery was installed today.

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