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Ordered and payed Fensport for an 71C TRD thermostat. Received an email from them that, now they have received my money, the thermostats are out of stock....... takes 4 to 6 weeks to arrive...... geeez ...........sigh....

Noticed that the cold air duct from the alternator was melted near the downpipe. Ordered a new one, and I will add some extra heatwrap.

Bought a set of 264 HKS cams for not so much money. More about it soon.... :)

Wired the money to the States for the cams, so now I must see I can get some cam gears for a nice price.
Yesterday, the new radiator is installed in the car. Idle temps after a hard run are about 5 lower as with the stock radiator.... me happy.... :)

Went to the exhaust shop (EPS) today. The exhaust is to loud now, and that bad, that the mirror in the car is vibrating very badly. They solved both problems. Noise is a little over stock now, but acceptable, and the vibrations are gone, nice tip too.
Pics of the exhaust: Pic 1 Pic 2
The Ron Davis radiator is doing a good job. Cruising with about 90 km/h, coolant temps remain 94C. Cruising with 170 km/h, temps are going down to 91C. And with 200 km/h to 90C. Just need to wait for the TRD thermostat for the final touch.
Drove almost at 160 km/h constant today. She burnt 1 litre of fuel every 9 kms, not that bad :)

Fixed the alternator duct. Added some extra heatwrap, and moved the duct to the left. Now the duct does not touch the downpipe anymore.

Robert mailed me that he received the money. The cams are on transport to Holland now.

Still no cams, nor TRD thermostat over here.....
Car passed the yearly emmission test yesterday... of course... :)
Installed an extra ground wire too.

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