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Came home, cruising with 210 km/h, and I noticed that coolant was about 98C. That is too much for me. Load was an additional 0.10 bar, so no heavy load seen. Can you imagine what happens if I put full load on the engine in fifth gear...... So, lot to do, fix the cooling problems first, before I can tune the high load sites.

Because oil temperature went up to 110C under fast cruising (+/- 4.500 rpm), we relocated the oil cooler. She was hidden behind the bumper, but now she is coming for 50% in the direct airflow. First impression is good.

Installed 3" exhaust, with 2.5" rear muffler, oh my Lord, what an noise.....
Discovered that under acceleration, and above 5,500 rpm, voltage is dropping below 12 volt, have to look into this.
Made an run to check the intercooler:
4,000 Rpm, fifth gear, under vacuum, ambient temp 26C, temp intercooler in 100C, temp intercooler out 40C. Efficiency of my stock ST185 intercooler: (100-40) / (100-26) = 81.1%. But, actually this is useless, because I need to know the efficiency under heavy load.
Another thing we discovered was, that my ERL waterinjection is jumping into error at about 6,000 Rpm, bummer...... checking with the EGT, we saw that as soon as water injection is disabling, EGT is rising an aditional 50C immidiately.
Hit an additional 980C EGT in fourth gear, at 0.9 bar and 6,500 rpm..... oops....
I cannot keep coolant temps under control either, so at the moment I am investigating in an better radiator. And an other, higher, pressure radiator cap.
Good thing I saw is, that after we relocated the 19 row oil cooler in the direct airflow, oil temps are not rising above 95C..... for now, with about 150 km/h, and 26C ambient.

You see, a lot to do.

Fixed the water injection today. The 0.7 mm nozzle was blocked. Nothing to blame ERL, just my mistake. Fortunately I do have some spare jets, so I installed a new one. This problem solved! System is happy now... :)

Removed the four blade "baby" fan, and installed an powefull puller, and an powerfull pusher fan. The second fan is installed in front of the radiator at the left (turbo) side. Big plus is that this fan is just between the oil cooler and the coolant radiator, so this fan is actually cooling two heat exchangers.... yeah.

Since I removed the last two exhaust pieces, and installed the free flowing pieces, I have problems with controlling boost..... **** .. above 6,000 Rpm, boost is rising above 1.0 bar, no matter what gear.....
The two fans are doing a good job, when oil temps are 95C, and the fans are coming in, oil temp is falling to 80C, very nice.
Replaced a leaking connection from the ERL system, and tried to clean the jet, but too late, I am afraid....
At the moment I am pretty happy with the car, she is pretty fast now..... and still have to tune her... :)

Received an used radiatorcap from Arnout, unfortunately it does not fit. Still investigating in an custom alu radiator.

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