Need for speed????????
klick hereFront of the BMW E21, the intercooler is located in the nose. As you see there is only one mirror and no whiper. The window is taped and the id plate is made flat, especially for low air restriction. This way he hoped to create an higher topspeed.
BTW, topspeed went up from 292 km/h to 297 km/h. All this with the Cw of an brik .............
klick hereThe intercooler is located in the nose for optimal cooling.
klick here In the trunk we see the fuel system. You you see an 7 liter surge tank, what is feed by an 400 Gallon/hour BG pump.
From here two Bosch fuel pumps are taking care of fuel delivery to 8 fuel injectors. This injectors are supplying 1,060 cc/min. per cylinder, that is 4 x 1,060 cc/min x 60 minutes = 255 liter per hour under WOT at heavy load.
klick hereClose up in the trunk. For any lugage you need to buy another car, I guess.
klick hereA view in the cockpit
klick hereThe origine gauges are replaced by gauges from Stack.
From the wheel a lot of info can be asked up with the buttons, like: water temp, oil temp, boostvalues, a lot of airtemps, etc....
Peak values are being hold by the stack computer.
klick here Backside of the bimmer with an 3" exhaust. The part connected at the turbo is more than 4", that over an lenght of 25". This is made to create less turbo lag, so better throttle response is realised.
klick hereThe different rims are showing that the last topspeed run was made with an other wheel size, just to try to brake through the 300 km/h limit.
But the battle with the airresistance was lost at 297 km/h, I guess we need another 100 hp's.
klick here In the enginebay we find an nice M3 engine, with 2.3 Liter displacement
Stock specs are: 200 hp and 240 Nm at the crank, cr is 1:10.5
In front the selfmade radiator, In the corner left we see the selfmade PCV tank and the drysump of the turbo (does not use the engine oil)
At the right you see the fuel delivery pump, delivering fuel to eight injectors, able to inject 4,240 cc/min.
klick hereEnginebay.
klick hereClose up of the 8 injectors with fuel lines.
Hmmm ... I see: 4,240 cc/min, this x 60 minuten = 254,4 liter per hour.
At WOT and heavy load, so at 297 km/h, this is 1 liter is needed for every 1.167 km, or 2.74 miles per gallon........
klick hereTop: 297 km/h at 7,016 rpm.
klick hereBackside of an fast car and an really fast car :-)
klick hereSide of the writers (temporarely) car

Specs of this BMW.